Nine Heaven Yoga and Meditation Program

Nine Heaven Yoga and Meditation program offers you yoga and meditation courses lead by local and international teachers. Our mission is to heal participants into true self, which is peace, joy, happiness, and love.

Our teachers are one of the most powerful healers who are sincerely devoting their lives to serve humanity, being in high state of consciousness to awaken our true soul.

Nine Heaven Yoga and Meditation program is held in Sapu Lidi resort is located in Pongosekan, nature based spacious resort surrounded with peaceful and serene environment. People can immerse into yoga practice, away from Ubud cacophony.


lotus Yoga Program

– Introduction to Yoga
Introduction to Yoga offers participants simple introductory course to teach what yoga is and how we can benefit from a yoga practice. The experienced instructor will guide you how we can keep our body safe and getting the most out from yoga practice. It is a perfect course for beginners and useful for people who already practice yoga before but not been doing it recently and want to go back to basics.

– Hartha Yoga for Beginner (level 1)
Yoga, as an ancient tradition and system that’s been passed down through generations since thousand years ago, originally performed to shift our habitual thinking pattern towards “chitta vritti nirodaha” or calming the fluctuations of the mind. Through the asanas we practice daily, we can tap into this ancient wisdom and apply it not only on our mat but also off the mat, into our daily lives and activities. It is this intimate connection with our body–‐breath–‐mind that brings self–‐love and acceptance, wherever we are and whatever conditions we are in.

– Power Yoga
Power Yoga is based on Ashtanga Yoga style. It’s emphasis is on strength and flexibility. This course is for people who enjoy exercise, and want to practice yoga to strengthen their body, mind, spirit altogether.

– Gentle Yoga for Healing
This course guide participants into healing body, mind, spirit through gentle yoga asana/ movement and poses. Yoga is one of the most effective way to release stuck emotions within body. Many people who experienced traumas in their life could heal from their trauma through practicing gentle yoga movement. Gentle Yoga is also for everyone who is living everyday busy life. Gentle yoga movement will help you to release the stress carried into your body and help you to tune into your true, peaceful, and pure state. Through practicing gentle yoga movement regularly, you will be able to cultivate your own strength to release the stress and handle anything comes up into your life because your body is temple your soul and by healing your body temple, everything will be more clear and peaceful. It helps you free from suffering and stay in inner peace. Beautiful and healing musics particularly mixed for Gentle Yoga course will be played throughout the Yoga class. Music will help you to open your heart and lead you into your true self.


lotus Meditation

– Compassion Meditation
Simple techniques that we can access to help us tune into our awareness and allow us to just be, with everything and everyone, without judgments. Practicing this compassionate attitude daily can help us find comfort in discomforts, and eventually, embrace duality, as they are ultimately, inseparable and one.

– Candle Light Evening Guided Meditation
Candle Light Evening Guided Meditation course is an extraordinary journey to slow down the mind. This meditation course is offered in Wednesday evening with the candle light. Meditation can create a dialogue between our soul, body, and mind, as well as help us create internal space for peace, calmness and joy. No experience needed. This is an easy entry point to beginning meditation.


lotus Private Session

Each teacher is available for private session for yoga, meditation, chakra balancing and activation, and life counseling, according to your need.

Sapu Lidi Resort

All the Yoga classes is held in Sapu Lidi Resort Ubud – Bali.
Also call to Sapu Lidi Resort +62 361 977309