Luh Manis

Luh Manis was born and raised in bali. She has special training as are jero ( baliness priestess). Manis lead ceremony following all the traditional observances. Since She became a jero, she became sensitive to the energy. Yoga and meditation helps her balance that. Manis was trained by shakti mhi of prana yoga collage and she is certified by prana yoga college. Now she practices and teach hatha yoga, prana yoga and meditation. She also guides people to exsplore their spritual side and study balinesse energy healing practices.


Putu Purnama

Before graduating from Yoga Pranala Intensive Teacher Training in 2014, Putu Purnama had worked previously as a yoga instructor for five years; He also learned yoga from his grandfather and other Balinese yoga practitioners, such as Kd Suambara (Ambarashram). , Kt.Bandiastra and Bapak Suweca. He uses Swami Sivananda breathing techniques, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga and Laughter yoga as well.


Kembar Madrawan

Kembar Madrawan was born in 1971 in Bali and as Balinesse Kember’s journey with yoga started in 1983 when he was in senior high school as he learned Karate. Yoga made him easier to practice his Karate kick as high as his opponent’s head. so he loved to keep practice Yoga then in 1993, he started teaching Yoga in Nusa Dua Beach Hotel. In 1998 he worked for Four Season in Sayan Ubud and become senior Yoga teacher, while he worked there I was teaching Yoga for The Legian hotel, The Bale and Bali Hyatt Sanur as his part time and since 2010 Kember decide no more work as hotel employee then just work as freelance Yoga teacher at some five star hotel in Bali to make sure he can share the miracle of Yoga to other people around the world who come to Bali. Kember learned Yoga with some Balinesse Yoga Guru and some Western Yoga Guru. He have past Yoga Teacher training for 200 hour in Radiantly Alive in Ubud at 2012 and have joint some Yoga event in Bali. His Yoga style is more focus to Vinyasa Yoga but I am able to teach Hattha Yoga and Iyengar Yoga style.


Kartika damayanti

Born in Java, now based in Ubud, Bali, tika Is always eager to learn about life and finding meaning of experiences. In Her twenties she begun to have questions about her life values and beliefs, and found the answers through the words and quotes found in books she read. Loving intellectual discussion at that moment, tika started to search for people who can provide a quench for her thirst for knowledge and life. At the same time, after working successfully for a company in Bali, she quit her job in 2009 and begun her journey of ‘not knowing’. And this has lead to numerous meditation retreats and talks she attended and fortunate to be a part of. Threading her meditation practice into the 200–‐hour yoga teacher training she received, tika is now providing a guide for many individuals on their path to self–‐love and have more acceptance and compassion in their lives.

Hatha Yoga for Beginner (level 1)
Yoga, as an ancient tradition and system that’s been passed down through generations since thousand years ago, originally performed to shift our habitual thinking pattern towards “chitta vritti nirodaha” or calming the fluctuations of the mind. Through the asanas we practice daily, we can tap into this ancient wisdom and apply it not only on our mat but also off the mat, into our daily lives and activities. It is this intimate connection with our body–‐breath–‐mind that brings self–‐love and acceptance, wherever we are and whatever conditions we are in.

Compassion Meditation
Simple techniques that we can access to help us tune into our awareness and allow us to just be, with everything and everyone, without judgments. Practicing this compassionate attitude daily can help us find comfort in discomforts, and eventually, embrace duality, as they are ultimately, inseparable and one.


Soni Kum

Soni Kum is an artist, dancer and healer born and raised in Tokyo,Japan as a Korean descendant.
Soni teaches yoga and meditation along with Inner Dance Healing workshops. Inner Dance is an energy healing dance, originated form island of Palawan in Philippines. Since ancient, dance was essential healing practice, which integrate body, mind, spirit altogether. Every human movement and posture in dance contains yogic effect which helps the energy flow smoothly. Inner Dance is intricate combination of reflexology, yoga, dance, and mudra, emerging powerful healing method, newly available to our time.

Soni received M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in the United States. She received Doctor in Fine Arts from Tokyo University of Arts in 2011. Her work has been exhibited at numerous art spaces and film festivals around the world.

Along with her art works, she was initiated by the young shaman in Philippines in 2006. Since then, soni begun her spiritual journey. She went into pilgrimage trip to Philippines, India, Myanmar, and Bali Indonesia, where she found a spiritual home first time in her life.
Since 2011, Soni conducted series of healing workshops in Seoul, South Korea for South East Asian Migrant Immigrant Women, North Korean refugees, breast cancer patient, and girl survivors of sexual violence.