Ancient Cha Dao Tea Ceremony:

A 2-Hour Healing and Unification with the Great Divine


Shen Nong, the father of all Chinese Medicine called Tea, “the King of All Medicinal Herbs”. It is adaptagenic and brings health and harmony to the mind, body and spirit. In the Native American sense, Tea is truly “medicine” in that it aligns and reconnects us to the Earth and all life on it. As holy plant medicine, Tea has the ability to give its powerful Qi (life force energy) and open the chi meridian channels (nadis) which may be blocked. Tea ceremony participants can literally feel higher levels of Qi course through their bodies bringing balance, healing, and consciousness awakening.


The ceremony is a small, intimate gathering where a tranquil stage is set for your sacred reunion with a consciousness as old and deep as time itself. As you pour the spirit of the Tea within your being, She will fill you with the purest light of Qi, offer insights, and connect you with The Divine.
The lineage of this Shamanic Tea Ceremony dates back 10,000 years and has been passed down from the ancient shamans to the Daoist hermits and mendicants and into the secluded Zen monasteries of China and Japan. Ceremonial Tea is poured from a side-handle teapot into bowls. Bowl after bowl is filled with the healing elixir allowing our consciousness to bloom as the Tea slowly reveals her secrets throughout the journey.


It is said that Tea desired to become human so it sent a leaf to fall into the boiling water of the mythical sage ruler of prehistoric China, Shen Nong. Tea is mostly water, and so are humans. When we drink this leaf elixir an alchemical process begins and we become one with Tea. Thus, it is of extreme importance that the water used be as pure and holy as possible. The water used for the Tea ceremony comes from the holy spring of the Tirta Empul Temple.

The collecting of this most holy water for the purpose of Tea ceremony has been blessed by the Balinese royal priest family which dates back to the Majapahit Empire. Appropriate canang (offerings) are given while collecting the water to appease the Balinese gods and ancestors of the island. Using these waters exponentially increases the power of the Tea.


The Teas are of the highest quality, ceremonial grade, and are harvested from Wild, Old Growth Tea plants. The availability is extremely limited and irreplaceable. To experience these Teas is an honor and a special opportunity offered to very few people on Earth.



These “Cliff Tea” leaves are from the top of the Wuyi Mountains. Of all the mountain ranges across China, Wuyi is said to be the closest to heaven and the holiest place in the ancient Taoist tradition. Hidden among the rocky peaks lies a monastery where monks practice the art of tea cultivation that has been handed down for centuries. The leaves of these sacred tea plants are uniquely prepared by hand by the monks. The style of the leaf processing is reminiscent of puerh, but it is truly like no other tea in existence. The monks keep everything else known about the Tea a highly guarded secret except that its aged well over 10 years and must be put out in the light of every full moon to absorb the energy. This is not merely a Tea, but an experience for the soul.



This is a special ceremonial Tea blend formulated by one the world’s most preeminent Tea masters, Wu De. Galactivavtion is an early 1990s Shou puerh from the Wu Yi mountains. It is named as such due to its extremely powerful Qi which tends to blast one’s consciousness into outer space. To add some grounding and guidance, it is paired with Inner Path. This Tea is a blend of old growth tea leaves from Mengku, Lincang, Yunnan. Purchased by a small boutique for private production in 2007. This maocha was aged in Jinggu for five years and constantly monitored with great degrees of concern, care, and skill. Named “Inner Path”, the Qi of this magical Tea is surprisingly uplifting, however it takes one on a deep, grounded, inner journey. Thus, combining these two exceptional Teas results in a focused journey, yet travels deep into the infinite of ourselves and the stars.



This Tea is a stunningly rare and special purple bud, old-growth, wild red tea. Evening Sky is classified as a “Dian Hong” tea from Yunnan, the birthplace of Tea. “Dian” is an aboriginal word for Yunnan itself (which means “South of the Clouds”) and “Hong” means red. By drinking this Tea, it erupts into a bouquet of fruity, flowery notes that expand seemingly endlessly into the night sky. The Qi of this extraordinary Tea is fanciful, uplifting, and expands one consciousness into the joyous, heavenly above.


(Min 2- Max 7 spaces available)

Avoid caffeine the day of the ceremony. We will be sitting on the floor. Cushions will be provided, but bring a extra cushion if sitting long periods are uncomfortable for you. Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes for meditation. If you have a sensitive stomach, you may have a small snack before the ceremony. Otherwise, an empty stomach is fine. Bring an open heart and willingness to participate in your own healing process. The ceremony will begin with a brief introduction and a special breathing technique. Then, we will sit in silent meditation during the duration of the ceremony. Ceremony held at private residence is possible.