Kevin Yoon

Founder of Nine Heaven

Kevin Yoon is a founder of Nine Heaven. His mission is to create a space around the world to reach to the heaven on Earth. He is practicing meditation and vegan/ vegetarian for 23 years. Kevin made and teaches Self-yoga-massage (SYM) and Soul Communication. He is developing spiritual resorts to rejuvenate Body, Mind, and Spirit, including yoga, art, and meditation. Kevin believes everyone has a heaven within. We just need to practice meditation to reach higher consciousness.

“We can find inner heaven while we are living daily life. We don’t need to go monastery or temples to get to heaven. I will show you how to find inner heaven.”


Miyako Yahagi

Spa Director

Miyako is a powerful reconnective healer from Japan. Miyako had series of healing sessions with Reiki master for five years and leaned Reiki Healing technique through him. In 2009, she got certificate of reconnective healing practitioner and in 2010, she begun practicing healing sessions in Tokyo and gave massages privately.

Miyako moved to bali from 2012 and opened Nine Heaven Spa. Her mission is to heal people through help them reconnecting to the cosmic energy within and lead them into true healing. Customers in Nine Heaven Spa often experience special feelings. Perhaps Goddess of healing is working with Nine Heaven Spa.

“Massage is function of love” – OSHO


Samson Swanick

Spiritual Teacher

Samson Swanick is a spiritual teacher and healer.  At the age of 19 while hiking in an energy vortex in Sedona, Arizona, he was visited by an angel. This profound event changed his life and since then he  has been dedicated to his spiritual path. Traveling around the world, he studied with many different masters and schools of meditation. After a decade of researching, studying, and practicing ancient and modern techniques, he created and teaches the extremely powerful Miracle Meditation Method. He now lives and works in mecca of yoga, transformation, and healing in Southeast Asia, Ubud, Bali. Along with seeing private clients for counseling, hypno-therepy, energy work, and sound healing, he also leads workshops on mediation and spirituality.


Soni Kum

Spiritual Director

Soni Kum is an artist, dancer and healer born and raised in Tokyo,Japan as a Korean descendant.
Soni teaches yoga and meditation along with Inner Dance Healing workshops. Inner Dance is an energy healing dance, originated form island of Palawan in Philippines. Since ancient, dance was essential healing practice, which integrate body, mind, spirit altogether. Every human movement and posture in dance contains yogic effect which helps the energy flow smoothly. Inner Dance is intricate combination of reflexology, yoga, dance, and mudra, emerging powerful healing method, newly available to our time.

Soni received M.F.A. from California Institute of the Arts in the United States. She received Doctor in Fine Arts from Tokyo University of Arts in 2011. Her work has been exhibited at numerous art spaces and film festivals around the world.

Along with her art works, she was initiated by the young shaman in Philippines in 2006. Since then, soni begun her spiritual journey. She went into pilgrimage trip to Philippines, India, Myanmar, and Bali Indonesia, where she found a spiritual home first time in her life.
Since 2011, Soni conducted series of healing workshops in Seoul, South Korea for South East Asian Migrant Immigrant Women, North Korean refugees, breast cancer patient, and girl survivors of sexual violence.


Lee Sang Ah

As I am the expert in Korea and Asia Art and travel events, I always consider the best asset to be positive.
I am a person who is more faithful to the present than in the past and moves with actions rather than thinking for the bright future..
There is a hope that I can make my dream together with Nine Heaven to light up the world with interesting and beautiful people.