Nine is the largest number of all. ”Jiu Tian/ 九天” means nine heavens. Nine heavens means boundless heaven or universe.

Nine Heaven envision Heaven on Earth in the island of Bali where people can freely meditate, practice yoga, have massage, enjoy art and music, live a relaxed life, and heal themselves, retreated from the world. It is a communal living space where people can visit and stay, as well as people can come to work and stay, creating communal living space.

The founder of Nine Heaven, Kevin Yoon conceived the idea of Nine Heaven when he was meditating in his early 20s. Recently, we found out that he was born under the influence of 九紫火星 (nine purple mars) in Chinese Fengshi Astorology, in which the fire is burning like a sun in peak and it lighten all four corner of the world with its powerful and bright light. There is saying in China that ‘reaching to nine heaven’, meaning that it reaches the realm of God.